Get Involved

Every employee has been hired to perform a specific role in support of the mission of the College, but staff also have a voice in decisions beyond their specific role.

There are so many ways for you to be involved in shaping the governance and community of Williams College.

  • We are often called upon to recommend staff members to act on various campus committees and working groups. These assignments vary in scale and time commitment, but all committee/working group/college service work is paid.

    If you are interested in being "on call" for campus work as it arises, please fill out our Staff Interest Form

    Learn more about the appointment process.

  • We want to hear from you! Do you have ideas for a new initiative or event? Do you have a question or concern? Please let us know through the feedback form

  • We're always looking for folks to help with WSC initiatives and events.

    If you're interested in volunteering, browse the list of subcommittees and the rest of the "what we do" page to learn about what we're working on.  If you see a subcommittee that you'd like to join, let us know through the volunteer form

  • The Kudos program allows faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to express appreciation for Williams staff who, by going beyond their regular job responsibilities, have:

    • made a contribution to the Williams community
    • demonstrated the spirit that makes Williams College a great place to work

    Nominate someone for Kudos

    Current Honorees

    Photo of Ildiko Bodor
    Ildiko Bodor
    Eco Cafe Attendant
    Eco Cafe

    Nomination submitted by: Saumya Shinde, Student

    Image of Ildiko Bodor
    Ildiko Bodor, October 2023 Kudos Honoree

    “Always greets you with a huge smile, and has started learning ASL to better help students who need it!”

    Photo of Kurt S. Cyr
    Kurt S. Cyr
    Custodial Office

    Nomination submitted by: Emerald Dar, Student

    Image of Kurt Cyr
    Kurt Cyr, October 2023 Kudos Honoree

    “Kurt’s immense kindness, sincerity, and work ethic shines in everything he does—speaking with him always brightens my day! While Kurt is an important member of the Tyler Annex community in several facets, he truly went above and beyond in advocating for me when he noticed a broken piece of equipment in my bathroom. Because I felt guilty about burdening Facilities, I decided to not file a repair request. However, Kurt not only noticed the broken equipment immediately, but he reported the issue on my behalf. Every time we spoke, he then asked me if the equipment had been repaired. I was deeply touched by his level of care and empathy, and I can now fully access my bathroom, all thanks to him! Overall, Kurt is a wonderful friend, highly skilled colleague, and a truly indispensable member of the Williams community. Thank you so much for everything, Kurt! :)”

    Image of Kathy Eilers
    Kathy Eilers, October 2023 Kudos Honoree
    Photo of Kathy M. Eilers
    Kathy M. Eilers
    Custodial Office

    Nomination submitted by: Shane Baker, Lead Custodian, Facilities

    “Kathy has done many things to help and support others. When my car broke down and I had no way home, Kathy gave me a ride home. It wasn’t on her way home, she lives in the other direction. Each day Kathy comes to work and goes above and beyond in her work. You will not find cleaner buildings on campus. She helps people when they need it. They do not need to ask – she just offers to help. Earlier this year she heard of a family having a hard time during the holidays and she helped them financially so that the family could have a good holiday. Kathy is a kind and generous person who I believe should get a Kudos award.”

    Image of Chloe Girard
    Chloe Girard, October 2023 Kudos Honoree
    Chloe Girard
    Prep and Service Attendant

    Nomination submitted by: Kerry Fairs, Departmental Administrative Assistant, Anthropology & Sociology Department

    “After a department event, I had offered leftover treats to some students in Hollander Hall. I walked away for a couple of minutes, and when I returned, the entire platter was missing. As the platter needed to be returned to the caterer it belonged to, I went in search of it. I stopped at Paresky to ask about it, on the off chance it had been returned there. I was told that it wasn’t there, but spoke to Chloe, who very kindly took an interest and asked where it should be returned if it was found. Sure enough, Chloe showed up at my door with the platter in question (which was quite large). It had been thoroughly cleaned, and what’s particularly impressive is that she walked in the pouring rain to hand-deliver it to me. She did all of this with a great big smile. I am so appreciative of Chloe’s efficient and friendly attention to my platter disaster. She definitely went above and beyond–thanks, Chloe!”

    October Nominees:

    Photo of Temesgen A. Araya
    Temesgen A. Araya
    Director of Dining Services
    Droppers House
    Photo of Ricky W. Harrington
    Ricky W. Harrington
    Custodial Services Manager
    Service Building
    Photo of Lillian H. Mountz
    Lillian H. Mountz
    Snack Bar Attendant
    '82 Grill