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Every employee has been hired to perform a specific role in support of the mission of the College, but staff also have a voice in decisions beyond their specific role.

There are so many ways for you to be involved in shaping the governance and community of Williams College.

  • Election News:

    2024 Election Results

    The Williams Staff Committee election results are in! Thank you to all who participated.

    Chris Parker was re-elected, and five new members will be joining the staff committee: Shaina Adams-El Guabli, Zorelly Cepeda-Derieux, Ronald (RJ) Laurello, Kathy Musinski, and Lauren Vining Barsotti.

    The WSC is an elected body with 2-year membership terms.  Members spend an average of 2 hours per week, including monthly committee meetings and subcommittee work.

    Learn more about the nomination and election process.

  • We are often called upon to recommend staff members to act on various campus committees and working groups. These assignments vary in scale and time commitment, but all committee/working group/college service work is paid.

    If you are interested in being "on call" for campus work as it arises, please fill out our Staff Interest Form

    Learn more about the appointment process.

  • We want to hear from you! Do you have ideas for a new initiative or event? Do you have a question or concern? Please let us know through the feedback form

  • We're always looking for folks to help with WSC initiatives and events.

    If you're interested in volunteering, browse the list of subcommittees and the rest of the "what we do" page to learn about what we're working on.  If you see a subcommittee that you'd like to join, let us know through the volunteer form

  • The Kudos program allows faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to express appreciation for Williams staff who, by going beyond their regular job responsibilities, have:

    • made a contribution to the Williams community
    • demonstrated the spirit that makes Williams College a great place to work

    Nominate someone for Kudos

    Current Honorees

    Photo of Gregorio Chavez
    Gregorio Chavez
    Architectural Trades Technician II
    Carpentry Shop
    Photo of Ernani G. Rosse
    Ernani G. Rosse
    Lead Architectural Trades Technician
    Carpentry Shop

    Nomination submitted by: Laini Sporbert, Staff

    Image of Gregorio Chavez and Ernani Rosse
    Gregorio Chavez and Ernani Rosse, December 2023-January 2024 Kudos Honorees

    “Via Nick Simonds, from Berkshire Harm Reduction:

    Gregorio and Ernani were amazing! They went above and beyond what I had expected. Upon requesting a ladder to see if I could fix the awning myself, the two of them arrived with tools in hand. They were able to get it screwed back into place and secure, so I can get it to our garage for further repairs. The Williams College community is lucky to have Gregorio and Ernani on their team!”

    Photo of David J. Maselli
    David J. Maselli
    Electrical Trades Technician
    Mechanical Trades Shop

    Nomination submitted by: Richard Duncan, Staff

    Image of David Maselli
    David Maselli, December 2023-January 2024 Kudos Honorees

    “The Williamstown Chamber of Commerce purchased a menorah for the town last year to be publicly displayed. We had some issues getting it put together then and ended up damaging a component. When we went to put it together this year, I reached out to Facilities to see if someone could take a look at it and Dave came over. He figured out what the problem was with the lighting and helped us brainstorm how to fix it. He also helped us to install it outside. Then, when it later stopped working altogether, he figured out what the problem was and quickly fixed it again! He was also responsible for setting up the electrical needs for the Souper Bowl inside Lasell Gym during the Holiday Walk, ensuring that we were able to bring that much loved event inside instead of being outside in the elements. Thank you, Dave, for all that you’ve done this year for the residents of the town!!!”

    Image of Laini Sporbert
    Laini Sporbert, December 2023-January 2024 Kudos Honoree
    Photo of Laini Sporbert
    Laini Sporbert
    Assistant Director for Health Education
    Hopkins Hall

    Nomination submitted by: Amalio Jusino and Meg Bossong, Staff

    “Laini has been working for many years on the issue of opioid overdoses, recognition of an overdose, and the need for education and availability related to Narcan. Prior to my employment here she I was asked to assist in some training back in 2016-2017?? Her tenacity is remarkable as there was a student group at that time that was helping drive this but they graduated and moved on. Laini remained, and most recently after creating an amazing collaboration between students doing great work on this topic, Berkshire Harm Reduction and Berkshire Health Systems, along with many individuals and organizations that she has worked with through her community outreach, she has secured the Berkshire Harm Reduction RV to be on campus monthly to provide Narcan and many other services unavailable to students, and this week secured two Narcan dispensary boxes complete with directions and Narcan for faculty, staff, and students to have locations on campus to get Narcan. This is a request from many for years, and this sustainable program is all at no cost to the college due to these amazing partnerships Laini has created.

    This is not about an opioid drug problem on campus, this is about staying current with National trends for equitable healthcare, it is about exceeding the recommendations from the Biden Administration that all schools should have Narcan available and provide education, and it is about providing our students in rural America the potentially life-saving interventions they may need on or off campus in the event of an accidental overdose.

    Laini and her team of students work without bias or stigma around drug use. They are trend setters in their actions and their focus of being good humans to all. They have reviewed research across the Country, and continue to expand student-facing programs that make a difference. They will be hosting Narcan trainings on campus within the next month and will be creating an educational video soon after that.

    These are the reasons why Laini, who is very humble in her own praise, deserves to be recognized. When I think about Above and Beyond, I think what greater measurement of that then empowering someone to be able to save a life, reduce stigma, and then leave a legacy through additional education.

    Thank you, I look forward to your decision, and hope you vote favorably for this nomination.”

    “Laini has been working diligently over her 2+ decades at Williams to bring more harm reduction and recovery resources to campus. She created a very important partnership with the Berkshire Harm Reduction mobile unit that brings the RV to campus monthly for STI testing, overdose prevention, and other harm reduction work and is available free to students, staff, and faculty. As part of that collaboration (along with Amalio Jusino), they will be expanding the availability of Narcan boxes on campus to multiple locations at no cost to the college. Laini has worked hard to build partnerships and support for this critical and lifesaving work.”

    Winter Nominees:

    Photo of Daryle L. Bost
    Daryle L. Bost
    Associate Vice President for Presidential Advancement
    Mears House
    Photo of Rachel C. Coffield
    Rachel C. Coffield
    Nurse Practitioner
    Thompson Ctr - Health Services
    Photo of Leigh E. Sylvia
    Leigh E. Sylvia
    Director of Operations & External Relations
    Mears House