The Kudos Program

This monthly program has a dual purpose:

1. Allows faculty, staff and students the opportunity to express appreciation in a public forum to acknowledge members of Williams staff who have reached beyond their regular job responsibilities. The Williams College Kudos Program is designed to provide the means to recognize and reward staff who make a contribution to the Williams community, via an action or gesture that demonstrates the spirit that makes Williams College a great place to work!

Those who receive nominations for this purpose are then eligible for winning a Kudos Prize of a $50 Visa Gift Card.

2. Provides a way to recognize the extra efforts made by individual staff, which by their actions, are making positive contributions to the Williams community.

Trying to determine if someone qualifies for a Kudos nomination can sometimes be tricky. Many staff on campus do an exceptional job, but it’s the community contribution that earns a Kudos.

Here are some historical Kudos-worthy examples to help clarify:

Jason Wandrei, Dining Services
“On Friday evening we were leaving to deliver food to a catered event at The Log on Spring Street. Our catering truck had been parked during our two week break, and when we attempted to start it up… nothing happened. As always, we were on a deadline to deliver and only had a little time in which to remedy the situation. In an attempt to find someone to help with our problem, I called Driscoll Dining Hall to see if anyone had any advice. Jason Wandrei answered the phone and hearing of our troubles, Jason asked his supervisor if he could help us and then came right over to do so. He helped us to determine that our battery was dead and assisted us with a jump start. His willingness to lend us a helping hand was greatly appreciated and played a role in making sure our food was delivered on time. Thank you, Jason!” — Charlotte Clark


Theresa LePicier, Development
“There was a student at the Athletic Tag Sale in Chandler gym today who wanted to make a purchase but only had his debit card with him. They did not accept debit cards so he was going to have to go to an ATM to get cash and come back to pay. Theresa gave the student the cash to pay for his purchases with no expectation of repayment. The student was clearly appreciative!” — Carol Rand

How do I nominate someone for a Kudos?
To extend a Kudos to one of your colleagues here at Williams College, we encourage you to use the on-line form or leave a Kudos recognition in one of the Williams Staff Committee suggestion boxes found at these locations:

  • Paresky
  • Mears House
  • Security
  • Lasell Gym
  • Jesup
  • Facilities

The WSC will select two monthly winners from the pool of Kudos nominations and the  prize is a $50.00 VISA Gift Card!

The winners and their supervisors will receive copies of the Kudos, and the Kudos will be posted on the WSC site.

All Kudos nominations from that month will also be posted on the WSC site.

Feel free to contact the WSC with any questions at [email protected]