Staff Appointments, Elections, and Onboarding

Election News:

2024 Election Results

The Williams Staff Committee election results are in! Thank you to all who participated.

Chris Parker was re-elected, and five new members will be joining the staff committee: Shaina Adams-El Guabli, Zorelly Cepeda-Derieux, Ronald (RJ) Laurello, Kathy Musinski, and Lauren Vining Barsotti.

The Staff Appointments, Elections, and Onboarding subcommittee is tasked with overseeing the election of new staff members to the WSC, and also the appointment of staff members to other standing or ad hoc committees of the College.

  • An election refers to the process of selecting new staff members to serve on the WSC, and is a "by staff, for staff" process. Each election may involve filling one or more member positions on the committee.

    WSC membership elections occur under two circumstances:

    • Annual elections (typically occurring in April and May) are conducted to replace departing members who have served their full terms.
    • Special elections for the off-cycle replacement of members who departed before their terms were served.

    Election process:

    • All staff (as the WSC defines it) may nominate candidates to be considered for WSC membership, or may nominate themselves. A deadline will be given (usually a two week period).
    • All candidates are asked to provide their own statements demonstrating why they should be elected.
    • After the nomination period, the WSC will advertise all candidates/statements and ask all staff to vote for their preferred candidate(s). A deadline will be given (usually a two week period).
    • Candidates with the most votes will be elected to vacant positions.
    • The WSC will announce the winners and thank all candidates.
  • Staff may hold positions on various standing and ad hoc committees at Williams College. The WSC either directly appoints staff to these committees or recommends staff appointments to the President, as appropriate. The goal of staff appointments to these committees is to ensure that staff perspectives and considerations are included in all decision making, even if the charge of a given committee is directed toward students, faculty, or the Williamstown community.

    Historically, committees have made decisions or recommendations with the best intentions of solving a problem or making improvements, but often did so without taking all considerations into perspective. This points to the importance of committee membership and membership representation in all decision making processes.

    Staff appointments carry the responsibility of representing all staff on important issues facing the College. Although appointed staff will hold their own personal and professional opinions, it's important that these be balanced with the charge of a given committee and how the work of that committee may affect all staff.

    Questions any appointed staff member should ask are:

    • What role will/should staff play to support a proposed decision or recommendation?
    • Will staff be positively or negatively impacted?
    • Will only some staff be impacted and if so will/should this be equitable?


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Kristin Meissner
Departmental Administrative Assistant
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